Position of The Mount of Saturn - At the root of the second (the hiddle or the finger of saturn). It is limited by an imaginary line between the first and second fingers by the heart line and by another imaginary line between the second and the third fingers upto the heart line.

In its normal position it indicates a Reserved and cynical nature when dis placed:

  1. Upwards - Intense love of solitude
  2. Towards Mount of Jupiter - Morbid pride
  3. Towards Apollo - Less Morbidity
  4. Towards Heart line - Apprehension in love



Meaning of The Mount of Saturn
When Normal and with:

  1. Pointed Fingers - Poetic melancholy
  2. Conical - Morbidners
  3. Square - Love of solitude note to be mistaken with misanthopy
  4. Spatulate - Love of Agriculture and other active but safe occupations

When in excess and with:

  1. Pointed Fingers - Intense Morbidness
  2. Conical Fingers - Saddest view of art
  3. Square - Misanthrophy
  4. Spatulate - aggressive hatred of others

When Absent and with:

  1. Pointed - Cares nothing for super natural
  2. Conical - Realist in art matters
  3. Square - Chronic indifference
  4. Spatulate - Hard worker but unsociable

Medical Significance of The Mount of Saturn:
When abnormally prominent and or coverd with confused lines it indicates a tendency towards Nervous irritability, trouble with legs, haemorrbioids, Dental trouble, rheamatism, blood pressure, fluxes, paralysis, ear troubles, vice and its consequences If a person with a predominant moont of saturn choosed suicide he will jump to his death or prefer aspbyxiation

Mount of Saturn : It is Signature: Physical Ppeculiarities:

  1. Tall, thin, pale, sallow, rough, dry, easily wrinkled skin
  2. Thick, dark, lankyhair, early hair loss
  3. Long face, hollow cheeks, high cheek bones
  4. Black eyebrows upturned at the starts and joined in the middle Decpsett dark generally sad eyes yellowish whites
  5. Large ears, thin lips, lower jaw prominent, thin prointed nose, large mouth
  6. Fine teeth, which deteriorate early
  7. Dark, abundaant facial hair
  8. Long neck, strong cord like muscles, clear sight, prominent Adam's apple
  9. High shoulders,Mesculor arms narow hairy chest
  10. Long knotty fingers, square tips, often spatulate
  11. (11) Large flat first thumb phalanx

Health Peculiarities:

  1. Truly bilious type
  2. Subject to diseases of and accidents to feet, legs, suffer from variuose venis
  3. Chronic worriers, melanchoic, tendency towards insanity. (Often disklike water and are filthy


  1. A combination of sadness and prudence
  2. Doubter, no respect for others
  3. Loves discussion especially on theology and economy
  4. occult tastes also fond of scieneces and mathematic.
  5. Loves country life
  6. Conservative and suspiccious
  7. Hates talking orders, but incites others to disobey
  8. Prefers dark colours
  9. Prefers solitude
  10. Miserly tendencies
  11. More classical than romantic tastes inart
  12. sloco, patient, tireless
  13. Often unlucky
  14. Heates mankind

When spoiled by other indications:

  1. Maligent misanthropy
  2. criminal tendencies
  3. Possessors of the 'evil eye'
  4. Sadist

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